SMB shares for 12.3 rampage

Windows file shares are SMB shares. Anything shared on Windows via Windows (i.e. not a third party software a la Dropbox, GoogleDrive, etc.) is being shared via SMB. Are you having connectivity issues connecting from a Mac? Or just file write issues? It sounds like a permissions problem to me at first guess.
Also if the Mac cannot connect it could be incompatible SMB protocols. Try connecting to the server via CIFS (old SMB protocol).
I think it has something to do with TCP IP and net bios. I enabled it in the wins settings for the adapter I am using. I remote in but will not be able to tell till I get onsite. Thank you
I just saw that. The funniest thing. I just enabled netbios over tcpip and now I can write to a mac server that I could not ealier


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