Solid Suppliers?


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Hi Guys,

New to this site and forum and was hoping you good folks could provide a little bit of information. We are looking for a materials supplier that is reliable. We currently use Grimco for most of our material needs (as well as a couple local shops), but they are really falling short lately. When I call to order materials, they usually get the order wrong, late delivery, or we are met with lies and incompetence. I tried talking to managers at Grimco in our local office about our issues and was told "I don't know what to tell you, nothing we can do!"

We reached out to Fellar's in the hopes they could take Grimco's place, but their rep can't seem to find the time to stop by our shop and speak with us. We have contacted them every week for 2+ months and are told we are too far away for the rep to stop by.

We are only a couple years old and we purchased $250k in materials last year and are looking to double that this year. My question is, can anyone recommend a good materials supplier that doesn't mind when we call and order, as well as delivers the products we order on time?

I know in this day and age, it is hard to have a personal relationship with vendors, but we like the personal touch.



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I may suggest Midwest Sign & Screen Supply. I supply them with product, but have no purchasing history with them. Feedback from those I have spoken with say positive things about them. Again, I can not vouch for that, but am told. Worth a try.


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Did I post this in the wrong forum? No one has any recommendations for suppliers?
You appear to be doing signage? Or maybe wraps? (you didn't say)
Perhaps there just aren't many folks at PrintPlanet that do that kind of work.


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gordo, my apologies... We do large format printing, wraps and large signage. I wasn't sure if this was in the correct area, so I apologize for any confusion!
We're a distributor for General Formulations and MacTac. Let me know what you're looking for and we can get you product and pricing information. Everything will be shipping from MI/IN/MN however, so lead time may be an issue.

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