Spectrophotometer Comparison and Tolerances

We are looking to upgrade our i1 spectrophotometers and I am curious of the differences between the eXact 2, 2 XP and 2 Plus. We see some variance with color measurements between our current devices. So I am wondering if the variance will be less with one of these models over the older i1's and if there is difference in color measurement accuracy within these three models?
It doesn't actually matters how much variance one see within two devices if their producer is the same company. What to know more? Google John Seymour and his articles on subject. What matters for techkon:
1. No xrga profile connection space
2. No "net profiler" scam app which you ought to buy if you have more than one exact.
3. Pure densitometric readings, if you need some, - no colorimetric density computation
4. Much better shape without frog-like foot
5. Nice soft rollers at the bottom which are very handy if you measure stripes
6. ...
7. PROFIT!!!


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