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We are a small print shop and regularly get asked to print labels. We usually just use our xerox digital press but the last lot of labels we were asked to do (aluminium backed) wouldn’t work on the xerox so we decided to buy an Oki C712 due to it having a straight paper path.

Now, the aluminium backed labels worked fine but I’m generally not overly thrilled with the quality and have been told an inkjet based system would be better. Is this correct?

we don’t have a huge budget, especially as we’ve just bought this Oki, but would welcome advise/opinions on where to start.


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Hi Gazfocus, if you're located in the US. Muratec America has a complete line of digital ink presses. I have never tried the aluminum backed labels, but doing some digging for you. Here's a link for you
We are in the UK unfortunately. We’ve tried a few ‘inkjet’ solutions with pigment ink which haven’t worked so thinking about whether something like the Epson C3500 or just biting the bullet and buying an ecosolvent print and cut machine.


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While saying "aluminium backed" Do you mean something like in the photo? If yes, we use HP Indigo 7600. It is a digital press. It is working fine we are happy.
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Why don't you get trial before buying? The trends are changed and competition is high so if you ask vendor to show me the printing quality they might not be say no. As we are lable printing software provider and we allow our client for DEMO.
Word lays out label contents in a table that's designed to match them. For a batch of different labels, we recommend starting your document with a label template check online platforms.

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My experience says labels are printed on narrow web presses. Unusual sub straights are always a problem. Flexo can only be so accurate. and both litho and flexo are not so good for short run. Have no idea about the tabletop or short run printing machines. Have experience with Xiecon and Hp machines for short run jobs. Both of which are very expensive. Maybe out source these jobs until you get equipped to do them?


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My advice is to check with volume of labels. Digital Roll to Roll machine can help you but die cutting and special colors are the challenge. Narrow web flexo machine can do online. But investment is the challenge.

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