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Keen to get members feed back on this one.

Currently running a V2100.

My issue is inconsistent paper size from my paper merchants. (One supplier is worse than the other).
Being a small market here in New Zealand there is not a huge range of paper supplies to choose from (and ofter it is actually the same paper just re wrapped in there own warppers)
I do almost all my printing on SRA3 sheets. The 320mm size is often not to bad! It's the 450mm and that is the problem. (varies between 448mm to 451mm). Should I have to open every packet and trim all stock down? and then rewrap before putting on the shelf. Seems like a lot of work! but if this is the only option. If I was going to do this I may as well buy in as SRA2 or SRA1. (and save a few $$$). I like the convenience of SRA3 and the the $$$ difference is tiny.

Unfortunately as I'm only a small printer no one seems to worried when I complain. Yes they will replace the paper
but ofter what the replace it with is not a lot better.

Seems I don't have any options but to cut everything down. Just keen to see if other members have had this problem?

thanks Simon


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I can't say I've experienced that large a difference, maybe 1mm or 2mm max. I do generally find this is SRA3 reams that have obviously been trimmed and packed by my supplier, not direct from the mill. Generally my SRA3 is dead on from the well know brands.

I often wonder if pretrimming is common place in other printers. It is alot of work but if you have automated finishers too I can see the advantage in taking the time at the start.

I find SRA2 can vary more. I quite often might get a pack and 1st sheet is 450mm, next is 451mm, next is 452mm and back to 450,451,452 all the way through the pack. Must be how it's produced.


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The other thing to remember with small finished sizes, is the fuser will often shrink the output by 1mm


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Reminds me of a letterhead job we used to print. Paper was ordered trimmed from the wholesaler to 11" x 17", presumably to save time. We ran the letterhead 2 on a sheet. It was always a 50,000 run (100,000 finished).
The letterhead was on expensive paper and after printing it had to be foiled, which was why we only ran 2 on a sheet.
Without fail the trimmed stock would vary from about 1/16" - 3/16" (approx 1.6 - 4.8mm). Had to re-trim every single time we did the job. Size was critical or it would create havoc with the foiling, which had to register with the ink.
Complain to the boss, who was supposed to take it up with the paper company rep . . .shit should have filtered down to the cutter operator at the paper co. Nothing ever changed. But the thrust of it was just a lazy, incompetent cutter operator at the wholesaler. It would have been easier to order full size sheets & trim from the start.


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This all sounds to me like the wrapped sheets are being 'sheeted' without trimming on a guillotine.
Normal variation depending on the roll from the mill.
So yes, the less expensive sheets never went to the blade and vary.
OP - Typically only 1 dimension varies, correct?


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We have a few brands that vary in size.
One brand we used to use was always off but consistently off. It cut perfectly in half from 11x17 at 8.49in instead of 8.50in.
It's annoying but I doubt you're going to change the manufacturer's process. You'd have to switch to a different brand or compensate on your end somehow.


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As per my paper rep: according to a known mill, Neenah, their tolerance specs are:

11 x 17 sheet or smaller, up to 1/32" (0.79 mm) LARGER in either direction
larger than 11 x 17 sheet, up to 1/16" (1.58 mm) LARGER in either direction
Supposedly they will not allow anything smaller than the ordered sheet size to ship

Just one mill, but at least some insight. At 2mm short of the 450 mm you're ordering @BigSi , that's more than 1/16" SHORT (for us imperial measurement folks)


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Thanks guys. Yes I'm sure the inconsistency is due to coming off a sheeting machine from the mill rather than a guillotine. I guess I'll just need to unwrap everything and trim and rewrap. I know some larger printers buy by the pallet (or 1/2 pallet) just flagged (not wrapped) But I feel this is to risky for digital printing. (especially on the thinner stocks) and not practical for my volumes anyway. Bin all my SRA3 settings in C/workstation. Set up with 1mm under. 449mm x 319mm. Such is life:)


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SRA3 has a 2mm plus or minus tolerance on length. So your sheets are within spec.:oops:

It's abominable, yet reasonable in a weirdly utopian way, that papermakers, printers, and binderies are expected to use the same tolerances under ISO. Because papermakers have the greatest trouble in holding to spec (especially length from a sheeter)... the others must make do.

A little reminder though: SRA sizes are designed for A-series bled work, with an extra allowance for gripper. In other words, they are raw sheets that are to be cut to size on at least 4 edges after print production. Of course that's not necessarily how they are normally used in a job print shop.
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