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The joke is - this isn't a joke. These arguments actually happened. The issue of the defects in the presswork went through the courts (in Europe) and after analysis of the printing by myself, the forensic science centre of (redacted), UGRA, and two years in the legal system, the court finally sided with the print buyer and against the printer.
I’ve seen it before where a shop I worked at actually sent people to a customer’s out-of-state location, to sort through a printed job and remove the ‘unacceptable’ elements of it. This shop even had quality ‘count-pulls’ at press throughout the runs, and when double checked and compared later, after the fact, the problems were right there in the press pulls. So as the job was being printed, the press operators were undoubtedly aware of what was happening, but due to the sheer size of the job (and maybe their everyday habits), they probably didn’t think anyone would actually catch the ’defects’.

The job literally just ‘flew through’ production and the QC department (apparently), and out the door it went. No time to do it right, but plenty of time to do it again.
I worked at a place owned by a guy who also owned another print shop. The other shop printed a big job for us but the customer rejected it because of punched holes not being punched thoroughly and a bunch of paper dots in the boxes. The owner blamed it on a lazy pressman, the pressman said he'd told the owner more than once that the machine needed new punches on the hole puncher but he never ordered them. I tended to believe the pressman.


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