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Not that old. 39 as of September 1st. I just move backwards through time, like Merlin it seems: the most recent language I had to learn was actually mainframe Cobol, for a print shop migrating off of it to C#. 2 weeks in California, then back home for 2 months of coding, then 2 weeks in Cali to install/train/pick up next chunk, etc. Hated it, except for the nights drinking at the Newport Beach Brewery. Pelican Pale Ale, anyone? (Be careful, though, when you mention Fortran... people start jumping off of bridges and organizing forum raiding parties.)
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eric: I was more curious about the software you are using here and how it works. If it is better than what I am using now, I may update some of the forums I run to it. From what I have seen so far it isn't worth the hassle. It hasn't impressed me enough to research it yet anyways. It's just a forum.
TBH it wouldn't have surprised me that you did limit the number of emoticons tho, which is why I was a lil' brat about it ;) <- space inserted hehe. The comments on my paypal account, just to be clear about it... you seem to be wanting help making your forum a popular site, yet offer nothing in return. Even making it an effort on our part to help you and hiding it from the public. I would be interested in what you THINK this site has to offer that isn't already out there. If having vendors and "top" people in the field is your reply, let me tell you now we get enough of that kind of stuff at work. I know you have a profit agenda with your owners, but ASSUMING your place is where TRENCH people want to visit....well good luck with that. If you haven't worked with the target audience in recent enough time to know FUN is what attracts them, then you are surely doomed.

thomas: COBOL???!?! man, I kinda cringe when you bring that language up...I almost left school over having to learn that wonderful pile of...probably is what made me decide programming wasn't for me, that and having to associate with those that spent alot of time keeping up with all that. zzzzzz.... More power to you if that's your thing, some body's gotta write software for me to use ;) I really hope there was a fat paycheck at the end of it all...which I am sure there was.
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It's Jive. You can find it on the interwebs. Apple runs it, as does CNET and others. There are things we would like to change and will try to do so. I'm a bit confused about your "nothing in return" comment. What did you expect exactly? We offer what any good forum does: a platform, support, moderation, and a desire to improve things ongoing. No worries on being a brat. I understand why given all the misconceptions about the big bad evil corporate owners of the forum and the first few days of animosity. In time most will see that we have good intentions overall. Those that don't probably never wanted to see it in the first place. No harm. No foul.

Ironically, our initial limitation on signatures was an attempt to limit vendor interruption in the forums by not allowing them to paste their replies with defacto ads. You see how that turned out. To be clear, we want all types here. Vendor input, as you know, can be important. We also want those "in the trenches". We also want those "higher up". I'll say it again. I value a diversity of voice. I won't surrender wanting to to ensure mutual respect, though. Having people calling others idiots doesn't fit that vision and it would be something I'd think any community would want to avoid.

Yes, we are a for-profit business. No apologies there. But what you get in return for visiting and participating is a dedicated team who is focused on making these forums the best they can be. We had this vision going back to when we acquired the old PrintPlanet running on Lyris. Adding PrePressForums seemed like the perfect complement as we wanted to move things to a web-based solution. From what I've seen so far there is a huge capacity for great discussion.

I've got no problem with fun at all. Hell, I was one of the first to hang out and talk bourbon and made up drinks here in the lounge. I think you'll find I'm pretty easy to get along with...and so is the rest of the crew here. Pretty funny people actually. We do want to keep things on topic for the most part, while allowing some level of levity and freedom to rant and rave over here in the lounge.
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> {quote:title=Mikie wrote:}{quote}
> I thought Mr greers(if that's your REAL name :p) humour was relatively good....I mean he is a programmer right?

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Thanks for the reply Eric. For us that signed on because Cory shutdown PPF, it's alot like a small company being bought out by a corp. New rules, new ideas. My comments on what I get in return was directed towards giving you feedback, as this IS a for-profit site. Figure it out yourself since you are getting the paycheck ;). I got the feeling you were "letting" us be here, as if it was something special. Right now it's a fairly dead forum with a group of T'd off "trench people", some owner types, and some programmer dude.

Your sig restrictions are understandable, irritates the PP outta me when I see peoples resume in their sig. But removing them all together instead of dealing with those that abuse them is a bit odd. People attacking others, no, that is not tolerable of course. it's bad for the forum, and is bad kharma for the one doing it. Some people just didnt get their pony as a child I guess.

If I were to give a last suggestion, seperate the forum into more defined areas, so everyone feels they have a place they belong. Just using Mr Greer as an example, his work experience and history is so far from what I care about, and vice versa, we dont belong on the same forum page chatting, minus the lounge. I am glad he invented postscript or whatever it was he did that makes him feel good at night, but I dont wanna chat with him about it. and I am not pickin on him, I doubt he wants to hear about all the neat stuff I can do with photoshop ;)

Good luck guys, I have found another print forum for my needs.
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No problem Mikie. The signature issue hasn't been fully worked out yet and will probably be resolved soon with a limitation on the amount of text in them. I still find it funny that the "censorship" issue started with a spammy sig. deletion. Sounds like the kind of thing you are talking about in moderating them.

Anyway, I guess dead forum is a relative term. All forums have a dynamic of percentages. There are always a certain percentage of vocal members, lurkers, periodic posters, and inactives. True for PPF, here, or wherever. We're averaging 50-60 people on the forum at any one time during the day. Discussions of all types have been going on. From technical, to craft brewing, to musical interest. Just about every category on the forum has new posts in it. Registrations continue to climb and new voices emerge daily. This and we really haven't even begun to market very hard.

Thanks for the suggestion. It does take effort on all parties to get along. It's the reason we delete posts where people call others idiots. If that causes them to want to leave, my personal opinion is that the community as a whole is better for it. I don't see many T'd off "trench people", as you put them. I think you know where they might be though. :)

Seriously, it's fine if this space doesn't fit what you want and if you don't participate. But you were always welcome and valued. We were never just "letting you be here". I think that is a perception created by some to justify a position they wanted to hold the entire time. Sorry to see you go. I think many may have liked to hear about all the neat stuff you can do with photoshop. Coulda even done some Photoshop Tennis in the lounge. ;-)

Good luck.


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