Total Boxes required with weights


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Good day I'm wondering if anyone could help with the "math" that details how many brochures of a given size and weight would fit on a standard "9 x 9 x 12 box", or different standard size boxes. Example Qty = 50,000 of a 1 x 16 page, self cover brochure, printing on 80lb C2S text, size finishing 8.5 x 11, stitched, carton. Also required examples of a singles - 5x7 Card on 12pt Qty 100,000. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Fill the first box, then do the math for the rest of the job. Take notes so you'll have it for next time. Eventually you'll build up a database of various packaging scenarios.
Hi Keith, Perhaps I should of been more clear, my apologies. I'm looking for the match starting from an estimating perspective. I agree with you on the data collection which can be achieved before the job goes out the door. I'm looking for how to price out totals for an estimate so that we have some idea on the total boxes we can charge. Thanks so much.
I use a spreadsheet based on this layout. I am not permitted to share the code, but it would be easy to replicate. Seems to work.

Input in the yellow boxes, output in the orange boxes. (Unreduced fraction is just for my quick figuring.)

Book thickness and qty per box
ThicknessPress shcaliperThickQty in 11.7”
Cover20.01250.2395484/16 inch
Inner550.00396.1 mm
Inner2 (add 1/8” or 3 mm for wire or coil)
Thank you for your responses. I will build something around what you have provided. Keith, gsbatch, davarino, I will replicate this and go from there. Best Regards super64.


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