Trap and random lines?


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Is this something that is fixed in new software upgrades? We're on 10.1b22. I'm not sure what is causing the problem, rules just appear randomly and only happens when trapping. This was on .eps not .pdf.

I'm new to Rampage, so there's a few things that need workarounds and a few ??? that just say, "Oh...don't do that again."

Trying to get an upgrade here can be trying.

Re: Trap and random lines?

what are you CT trap settings? for jobs that deal with transparency I have found that you must knockout CT's or you will get white traplines sometime (I actually knockout CT's on all our profiles)

are these lines white lines going through images? black lines?
Re: Trap and random lines?

In this case, they are red lines. It is a 100Y 100M with a small logo in the center. It is the logo that has the line.

I'm using Quark, exporting as .eps.
Re: Trap and random lines?

Welcome to the wonderful world of trapping flattened files. And yes, this has been fixed in the newest version of Rampage. The only drawback is that the new PDF trap engine is painfully slower to RIP unless you also get the newest Rampage box to run it. One thing you can try to do to eliminate the thin lines is to set the "Auto-Trap Contone" in the Trap tab of the RIP-EPS/PDF Input Profile to Knockout or Spread.
Re: Trap and random lines?

I'll see if I still have that file. If not, I know it can be reproduced. :)

Thanks Erik. I am going to see what happens. What's the drawback? LOL

In software, sometimes when they fix one thing, " did that happen?" it obviously will mess up something else.

Thanks guys


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