Used Equipment - Moll Marathon vs Kluge Unifold?


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We are looking into purchasing our first folder gluer and are deciding between a 1999 Moll Marathon and 2000 Kluge Unifold. We will mainly be running standard 9pt ~ 16pt pocket folders. Hoping someone might have some insight as to why one might be a better choice than the other.

Some thoughts and concerns:
  • "Crows feet" from standard folding plates on the Moll Marathon. Unifold seems to have buckle fold plates that I've heard solves this issue.
  • Kluge Unifold parts/service might not be as readily available as the more popular Moll Marathon.
  • Kluge seems to have more capabilities and in overall better condition than the Moll.
  • Moll is about $10,000 cheaper and is being bundled with a 21x28 cylinder die cutter at a great price, but is being shipped here with no chance to see it running.
  • Kluge is local and under power so we will have a chance to see it running live.

Thanks to all in advance.


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Does the moll you're considering have a tipper plate setup no crowsfeet. Easier to run than kluge
Thanks for your response.

Unfortunately it does not. Is this something that can be purchased separately and added on for a reasonable price?


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