UV Coating question


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Recently we saw a VividCoater XDC530 from Graphics Whizard, thought it was a cool option that we don't have, and it would be a plus for covers on books. I run/work in the in-plant for my County government, and there are 2 other employees, and space is tight, but a move may be in the horizon. What do some of you recommend for coaters, that 1, are simple to use/train people to use, 2, are ok to sit for several days not being used and 3 not too large say they are 5' wide and 2' deep. Oh, and we are in Idaho, where few vendors come. Thanks for any input.


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I really like my Kompac ez-koat Coater. It's SUPER fast to add coating, run a job and clean it up and be done for the day. Clean up takes a minute or two, and that's it. We use it for as few as 5 sheets of 13x19 and it works great. When I have longer runs, I pull my envelope feeder and set it up to feed into the coater. It will run aqueous coating in addition to UV coating, but getting aqueous to stick to digital (toner) material doesn't work real well.


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