ventilation and fumes


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Hi folks,

We run a colour laser copier in a small room with not so great ventilation. If the machine is running for several hours then the room really stinks and the air is unpleasant.

Obviously we do our best to ventilate the room. I've asked our copier dealer, manufacturer, and every technician that comes to visit whether additional ventilation is required. The answer I got from all of them is, "no, the machines have filters and don't emit anything harmful".

Is that true or not? We're looking to upgrade to a larger room and production equipment later this year and I'm concerned about ventilation/extraction issues for our health.

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As long as you're not huffing toner, i think you're ok. some odor emission is standard; adding a new fuser on the older machines with fuser oil really stunk getting warmed up. if you're a little concerned you could add a fan in the room to keep the circulated. you say your room is ventilated; are there air returns in your room?


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Ozone, which is harmful at ground level is the main concern. I believe most copiers these days have ozone filters and, as it's quite unstable it doesn't remain as ozone (O3) for long.

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