Vutek QS2000 continual Ink Overflow on channel 5


[h=3]This was happening before....after phone support with EFI...either a bad damper or a float switch.

switched floats with another channel....and put new dampers on all 3 ch 5 heads...heads kept clogging- ordered new heads.

got new heads in, printed great for a few hours....then got crappy. replaced a few vac lines- heads would intermittently act like vac leak/ bad damper.... they are all new. if i do a 20 sec purge before printing- print is acceptable but not great. if I don't purge that long- ch 5 heads seem to drop out over 8' of printing.

now I just keep getting the ink overflow ch 5 error within seconds after clearing it....

anyone got a clue?!? all other channels are beautiful...just fighting this one.[/h]

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