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Want to buy used RAMPage system


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I have a customer who is in the market for a used RAMPage system to replace their aging Harlequin system. They are a small format shop, 2-up right now and need something more modern that can preferably also run their Epson 4000.

Please send any responses to matt)*(mattbeals,com .

Thank you


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Re: Want to buy used RAMPage system

Just an FYI. On top of what the end user ends up paying for the used Rampage Rip they will get charged for an upgrade to the latest
revision and a re-licensing fee. This is being done to discourage people from doing this. If they are looking for something cheap, this might not be it.


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Re: Want to buy used RAMPage system

Hey Matt, like the other post states, it might not be the cost effective solution. If you wanted Rampage to push the 4000 (not positive it can) you would need the RamProof Direct option. A third party proofer rip would be the cheaper option in this case. You can still purchase a Rampage system, preferably 10.4, and plug it in, the licensing only comes in to effect if you upgrade.

If you have a local tech familiar with Rampage installation you can install it on just about any Intel hardware that has a parallel port, they don't like this either but it's much cheaper than their overpriced box.

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