web-to-print, upload multiple PDF's to create 1 production document


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Wondering if there are any software packages available that we can install on our windows server (or cloud app) that have the ability for our clients upload (or select from already uploaded PDF in library) a book in multiple sections (single and/or double sided PDF's), combine all online, set/change order of PDF's online, include tabs (and set what is to be listed on the tab), etc, see a preview, set quantity and create a final combined PDF (with blank pages included for single sided PDF's) for us to print on our digital press? The client wants to do this online, not offline combining PDF's on their desktop.

We can otherwise maybe program this using Pageflex Storefront as we utilize this too, but not sure if that is the best method.

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I'm not familiar with Pageflex and its capabilities but that seems to be the most logical solution to investigate first. I posted a little video on how to merge PDF uploads with Apogee StoreFront some time ago on LinkedIn. You can do multiple uploads, change the order of pages, only pace part of a file... but it does not have any tab-related functions yet. I'd be interested to learn what exactly you need regarding the handling of tabs.

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