X-Rite Eye-One iSis Question


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Hi everyone,

Can an X-Rite Eye-One iSis do an M0 single scan only? In i1Profiler, I only have measurement mode options for "M2 Single Scan" and "Dual Scan (M0, M2, and OBC)". Because I only need M0, it takes twice as long to scan everything.

Thank you,
There isn't a way to change the behavior.

Although for some reason I thought M0 was single scan and dual was required for M2 like on the i1 Pro 2. What version of i1 Profiler are you using? I wonder if this got switched in the software at some point or if I'm just remembering incorrectly.
Well poop! A guy I know has the i1iO automated table and apparently, it does a single scan for M0.

Oh well I guess :)


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