Xante Impressia - "Pearlized" stocks a problem?

We have an Xante Impressia and a customer wants us to print onto some envelopes with the "pearlized" look to them (such as Beargrass). Does anybody have problems running these? We know that any envelope can have issues but wondered if the pearlized ones are something we should stay away from.


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They run on our J75 just fine. I use coated ~150 gsm and flap them out. If they're the CTI Petallics Beargrass they are a VERY high grade paper, and you should have almost no issues.


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I've run digital windows on both an Impressia and another printer with almost no problems. i've never seen the windows crack. Check with your supplier. I have seen the paper slightly pull away from the windows at the edge on envelopes that I supposed must have been sitting around the warehouse a long time, but that's it.

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