Xerox 242 lost connection to Bustled Fiery

Hi All
Over the last few days the connection has been dropping out to the fiery from command work station. I now cannot connect and print, the Network scanning option is greyed out. Any ideas

Thank you in advance


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Only thing I can think of besides calling tech support is to turn everything off, unplug it all for at least ten seconds, then start it all up again. It will force everything to make new connections.


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I had the same thing happen on my DC250 .. it would sometimes dropout then connect after restarting, the IP was correct but then it stopped connecting at all.
I fixed the problem by removing the heat sync & cleaning it with alcohol & adding new thermal paste to the cpu in the fiery as it had dried out completely.
It's been fine since. Not saying this is your problem but worth checking.
Hi Rusty
Great thank you, I think it must be hardware as it was working, over the last few weeks as the weather has got colder and wetter in the UK it has slowly been disconnecting when I print jobs and also when i try to delete templates from previous jobs. I am relocating the machine to a heated area in about a 4 weeks so will look at it then. It's been in a dusty cold damp garage so not ideal.


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Oh, yeah, dusty, cold and damp is not good for computers and certainly not for printers. Once you move it, you'll probably find fewer printing problems such as jams, also, especially with coated stock.
Hi All
I have lost connection to Bustled Fiery, I have the attached screen showing the status of bustled Fiery, I have been told it could be software issue, does anyone know how to install I have the CD's.


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