Xerox c560

I’m thinking of buying this tomorrow second hand... I do a4 only double sided paper between 120gsm and 300gsm duplex - does anyone recommend?


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Long ago, we had a Xerox 560. It wouldn't reliably duplex anything close to 300gsm. If your doing much volume and heavy coverage, you will be getting developer housings serviced regularly. It is more of an office machine than production. The 700/C75 type of machine is much better for any kind of production work.
The DC560 is fast approaching obsolescence so it would be a short term solution. Not worth the disruption if you ask me. Go for a new or nearly new Konica Minolta (or Olivetti/Devlop) or a Ricoh. A high-end office box would do that simple workflow unless superb registration is crucial for quick guillotining down, maybe a KM/Oli c659 or Ricoh IMC5000? That would give you 5 or more years of production without worrying about service support.

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