Xerox V180 Windows 10 install gives me the wrong driver


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I have two systems. System A, when I add printer, finds V180 does the install, shows Driver Xerox EX-i 180 Print Server US 1.2.

System B (when I do the exact same) shows Driver Microsoft PS Class Driver. I can click on the down arrow and see a list of print drivers. This list shows Xerox EX-i 180 Print Server US 1.0, but not 1.2.

Anyone had this problem? Where do I find driver 1.2? I have spent hours, googling, downloading drivers, installing, but can't get System B to show Driver 1.2.

Any help is appreciated,
You could look for it on the PC that has the driver in the "C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository" folder. Open it and try searching for "xerox", and hopefully you can just move those onto the 2nd pc and you can install that driver. That said, I doubt there were major improvements to the 1.2 driver, so I'm sure you'd be fine using the 1.0 version if it doesn't work.
I usually get the driver from entering the IP address of the Versant then at the home icon you'll see an option "Software Downloads". Normally this seems to give me the most recent drivers. Hope that works for you too.


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