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OKI C942 Envelope printer - running #10 windows

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  • OKI C942 Envelope printer - running #10 windows

    We are an inplant and recently acquired an OKI C942 envelope printer. Started off running #10 regulars long flap edge first, no problems. Then we switched to #10 Windows, long flap edge first, and nothing but jams. The tail edge around the window keeps catching at various points in the feeder and/or within the press. It seems the only way we can get them to run consistently is to fee them short edge first, which slows down production quite a bit. Has anyone had luck running them long edge first? Any suggestions?

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    Assuming you are but just in case, make sure they are digi clear window envelopes and not a standard window. Check for toner stalactites in the paper path that can catch as it is running. They usually build up post fuser.


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      The best luck and most consistent feeding of any envelope is to give then a slight curl so the 4 corners are bent away from the print heads. One time you want a frown not a smile.


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        Craig , yes we are using digital window envelopes. And thanks for the input bill kahny . We have been playing with it and found that if we keep the stack small in the feeder (approx 100 envelopes at most), it works best for long edge feed. It seems when we stack it to full height, that it causes the windows to buckle and catch. With regulars, we can stack it to the full height of the feeder. This does require more attention to the feeding, but the print speed increase and lack of jamming is worth it!


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          I assume you have tried short edge turning the flap to the other side.


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            Originally posted by bill kahny View Post
            I assume you have tried short edge turning the flap to the other side.
            Feeding short edge isn't the problem, it's when we try to feed long edge. We want to feed long edge because it's much faster.


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              sorry I miss read and thought the 100 load was short edge first.


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                We had a similar problem, if I'm reading your post correctly. We got some envelopes that were not glued all the way to the edge around the windows and the edges caught. Other envelopes didn't have that problem, so your problem may go away with other envelopes.


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