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Ricoh Aficio C811 DN Problem - Please Help

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  • Ricoh Aficio C811 DN Problem - Please Help

    I bought a brand new C811 DN tabloid laser printer for short run work and had it shipped over from the USA so it is a US version. When I unpacked the machine and powered it up it presents me with the following error: "Functional Error SC202". Apparently I called Ricoh UK and one of the engineers told me that the Polygon Motor is not spinning up to the optimal speed. The polygon has mirrors on it used to reflect the laser for imaging purposes.

    We are based in East Africa where quality technical support is very limited, so we are in a serious dilemma. I called Ricoh USA and was very disappointed at the fact that they were not friendly at all and were not willing to help me. All they said is that I should speak to the dealer that sold us the machine. Now when I reverted back to the dealer, their tech support told me that we needed to run the machine at the correct US-based frequency of 60Hz (our country works at 50Hz), to this effect and to solve the problem quickly in order to prevent losses we spend another US$ 3,000 to buy a professional frequency converter that converts not only the voltage from 220V to 110V but also converts the frequency from 50Hz to 60Hz. Please take note that when we initially powered up the printer we were running it through a step-down transformer so there is no damage to the machine due to incorrect power ratings. We run lots of other equipment that we run on american power spec without any problems.

    Running the printer via the new and very expensive frequency converter did not make any difference, the dealer we bought the machine for is now saying that it could have been a damage during transit and that we have to return the machine to them for repair, at out cost. This is outrageous and unfair, first they make us buy a converter at close to the cost of our printer and now they want us to return the machine.

    Is there anybody out there who can help us out of this unpleasant situation ? I will really appreciate it.

    If there are any Ricoh engineers out there who can assist that will be great because we've spent allot of money and our business continues to suffer.

    I am of the opinion that I have made a major mistake, maybe I should not have made my purchase from the USA or maybe I should have looked at a company that provided first-class back-up support regardless of where their clients are in the world. I must admit, the support people at Ricoh UK (Europe) where very friendly and helpful but they said that it would be difficult for them to repair a USA version printer. They went on to say that if this happened to a UK based Ricoh client, they would have simply replaced the machine immediately. I'm just wondering why I am not entitled to such service !!! This is very unfair.

    Sorry for the long and winding post but I am extremely frustrated at the moment.

    Sam Ash
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