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    Is there any W2P solution which have designer where can be colours defined by CMYK values ?
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      Originally posted by jankorous View Post
      Is there any W2P solution which have designer where can be colours defined by CMYK values ?
      NimboEdit could be customized to use CMYK color definitions in frontend. However, since design templates include bitmap images (and users can upload their JPG/PNG images) that are in RGB colorspace, mixing those two colorspaces would lead into even greater problems. Also, most of the end-users do not have knowledge of setting up CMYK colors, especially because they are usually expecting for colors on screen to match final printed product color (how to represent pure black vs rich black on screen?). Also, depending on paper type you have to be aware of maximal color coverage etc... That is why most of the design tools work in RGB colorspace. NimboEdit generates CMYK output PDF files via supplied ICC profiles.

      Depending on your specific requirements we can support spot colors as well. For further discussion send us more details about your needs via info on contact page.


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        If you are looking forward a large amount of flexibility in terms of application, pricing rules etc, it would be a good option to go for a shopping cart integrated Web To Print Solution.
        You can check out PrintAgile Magento Web To Print
        The same integration is also available as an OpenCart Web To Print Solution


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          Also take a look at Pressero from Aleyant:

          Web to Print Storefronts, Web to Print Store, Web to Print for Printers

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            Dear All!

            Our company Alt-team is about to release such Web-to-print software - Product Designer HTML5+JS. Beta version of this application you can test on our site.

            The most vivid advantages:
            -user-friendly interface
            -work on the iOS and Android devices
            -no Flash, only contemporary technologies of web applications development
            -complete independence from any e-commerce platform, no-problem upgrade

            We have released a beta version of this Product Designer and started presale some days ago.

            Presale price is USD 500 (for 1 Product Designer licence on 1 domain name)
            Official release price will be about USD 1000 (for 1 Product Designer licence on 1 domain name)

            The scheduled release date is in August 2014.

            If you are interested in this web-to-print software, please contact us.

            Best regards,


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              Hi NethernePrint

              If you are looking for the web to print solution that easily integrate into your print business, then i must suggest you one o f the best B2C web2print design software by Design'N'Buy. These solution/ software can easily integrate into your work flow and it has a feature, that is easy to use for B2C print business. Here you can also manage admin panel with various other features too. For integration, you have to consult their technical department, they will help you out. You can also sent your query at: inquiry[at]designnbuy[dot]com
              Assign corporate specific products, pricing and payment options, shipping configurations as well as approval workflows for your B2B and B2C storefront by


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                If you are looking for the B2C web to print software, I suggest you to take a look on Brush Your Ideas. It has complete package that enables you to manage different aspects of your store and allows your customers to design product with various features.
                Brush Your Ideas is a leading HTML5 based online product design solution for the web to print industry consisting of Magento & Magento 2 extensions & storefront


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