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  • Static?

    We're having tremendous problem trying to get sheets to feed into our folder. Humidity had got really low due to 2 weeks of single digit temps here, but it's coming up some now inside, with our humidifiers and some make shift measures running full time.
    Its a Stahl folder with the feed table, not a stream fed folder. The sheets are aqueous gloss coated 2 sides but had no spray powder applied, even on the 2nd side, and have sat for at least 4-5 weeks in the pressroom\bindery uncovered. 2-3 weeks after side 1 and then 2-3 weeks more after side 2 printed.
    Do you think this is just static? Would applying the spray powder on side 2 helped it? Should we have wrapped the skids off the press between passes? Some, or all, of the above?
    We did get pressman to apply spray powder on the last 2 runs but they haven't hit the folder yet to see if that helped any.

    If you try to pull a sheet straight off the pile, there is a lot of tension, it is amazingly hard to get it to slide, lot of surface tension if that's the right term.

    Any insight appreciated.

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    A good team pressman will always powder the last pass for the bindery's comfort-no reason not to.


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      He says we get scratches if he does. Says it's not lack of spray powder but just too dry and too much static.


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        You might try throwing plenty of air into the stock when loading it into the folder.


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          Originally posted by alibryan View Post
          You might try throwing plenty of air into the stock when loading it into the folder.
          Doing that already for sure!


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            I once had a customer complain about his press miss-feeding light weight 17 x 22 coated stock. He would fluff it up then feed fifty to 100 sheets ok then start miss-feeding again. It seems that the weight of the stock would squash the air from between the sheets so he would have to stop and fluff them again. back and side blowers helped but did not stop the problem. He was printing promotions to be inserted into brochures that were already printed and he wanted to match the stock. He eventually went to a slightly heavier stock and it fed fine.


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              Many years ago I used to run 11x17 lightweight coated stock on a duplicator and always had a similar problem of sheets sticking together. I couldn't change papers because that's what the customers wanted. After a lot of frustration with misfeeds etc., I finally ended up bringing a table over that was almost as tall as the pile in the press and positioned it behind the feeder. I then plugged in a hair dryer on low heat with high blast, set it on the table and aimed it at the top of the pile in the press. It gave me the separation i needed and actually ended up being more than enough air to get the paper to run. Sounds ridiculous I know, but that little setup enabled me to not only run that job, but many more like it in the future.


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                Mirror effect which makes two very smooth surface stick together.


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