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  • Apogee Spot Color Conversions

    Im using apoggex 2.5 and have noticed that some of my spot colors that i convert to CMYK dont come out to the correct numbers (not even close) to my pantone solid to process guide. Also when i manually override the color numbers in the renderer it sometimes doesnt take. Like i will specify reflex to be C:100, M:75, Y:0, K:10, convert to process and it will use the values in the books instead of the specified values. But when i try to convert 877 and override to be 40% screen of black it works fine.

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    Re: Apogee Spot Color Conversions

    How old is your Pantone book? Also, what program(s) are you printing from? (InDesign?, Quark?) If your book is really old, Pantone may have changed the values so your book may not be reflecting the current values that are part of the Pantone library. Also, how is your Renderer TP set up? Are you using book values, then application settings? Book values only?

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      Re: Apogee Spot Color Conversions

      My book is a 2001 and the color books reference in 2.5 are 2000. I've tried using app values, book values and it comes out the same. I am trying to manually specify the color numbers in the renderer by unchecking automatic. But the problem i am having is that the manual override doesnt seem to work sometimes.


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