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  • Learning Color Management

    I would like some tips on how to learn color management


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    Re: Learning Color Management

    Rob, Everything you need to get started is at


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      Re: Learning Color Management

      There was deffinitely a thread about the best books somewhere. Start with either Sharma or Real World in parallel to the ICC website. And start saving for a spectro...


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        Re: Learning Color Management

        Buy the book "Real World Color Management" by Fraser, Murphy & Blunting


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          Re: Learning Color Management

          As Rob, I too am being asked to get involved with the color management side to prepress. Currently working with Prinergy EVO. We just downloaded the target supplied by Kodak. Printed out on our 4 color Komori and sent off to Kodak so that they can create/revise the profile we have attached to our proofing workflow through EVO. (Using an Epson 7800).

          We cant seem to get our proofing needs straightened out without Kodaks help (Meaning, paying THEM).

          Ideally, we would like to be able to create our own profiles and have the ability to modify them or create various ones for individual printing conditions (coated/uncoated stocks, at various linescreens, etc.).

          Don't have the budget to spend on expensive software. We have Harmony and a Gretagmacbeth reader we use for calibrating each week.

          Any suggestions on which way to go? What more do we need (except maybe a little experience)?




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            Re: Learning Color Management

            First, one needs to learn and know everyhing there is to know about color. Need to love color, like a maniac. Learning color management comes second, in my opinion. Knowing color is what will help you absorb and use all color related softwares and hardwares for what they are: tools to reach your goals.
            Now, you cannot do color management without proper software and hardware. The “can't afford” part of it will soon become the “can't do”. I will not suggest specific brands of equipment but you will need: a good complete hand-held spectrophotometer, another one that can do batch reading if you intend to read press and proofer characterization testsheets, a software that will create and let you edit profiles, and finally a software like Colorshop for all types of translations, color readings, profile viewing, gamut correspondance, deltaE calculations etc.
            You are entering a field that is probably more demanding than you can possibly expect, get prepared to suffer for a while. . .
            Good luck


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              Re: Learning Color Management

              Rob it depends where you are in the worklow.

              Photographer takes image in rgb

              Agency coverts rgb image into CMYK - using a profile that was developed to print to a certain printing condition.

              Printer proofs -using the same printing condition as was used in the rgb to CMYK conversion

              Press prints to the same printing conditions as the profile was developed from

              Photographer take image in rgb (Adobe 1998)

              Job to be printed on gloss paper

              image conveted from rgb to cmyk using ISOCoatedV2 profile (designed to print to Fogra39

              Hi Res proof is sent to client with a label on certifying that proof have been calibrated to Fogra 39

              Press prints job - CMYK solid colours to ISO and tints 50% CMY digital dot =64% and K =67%

              Job Done



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