Printer color management settings confusion


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Hi !
i wanna calibrate Canon ir adv c5560i printer to g7. The problem I run into is that there are two levels of color management settings that are program level and operating system level. Which one has the most priority? How does the printing data flow? And at which phase the color conversion happen?
As an instance, trying to make my questions clear, I print from acrobat and having color management option set to Acrobat Color Management. As soon as the printing action starts how acrobat handles the printing data, and how the data is passed to printer (would acrobat send the printing data to OS then to printer or it would send the data directly to printer?) and when the color space conversion occur .
Sorry for my terrible English.
This is why you (in most cases) need to use a RIP when creating you own curves or icc-profiles. The RIP contains drivers for your specific printer and you can bypass all color management when printing (other then the color management of your choice that you have selected within the RIP).

14 years ago Adobe released an application called Adobe® Color Printer Utility to get around this issue without a RIP, but it has not been updated since so I'm not sure it will work in your case: Adobe® Color Printer Utility to print your targets without color management


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