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    Hi All,

    I've been researching the creation of ICC profiles and I've come to the conclusion that I've spent 3 days banging my head against the wall. With all the software and hardware and specialists out there, which one do I pick? What do I really need? Is it going to do a cannon-ball into my serene little pool of good color? In the end, I think I've just ended up confusing myself.

    I've read far too much about ICC, color management, opacity, density, thisity and thatsity and now I've got a headache the size of Texas.

    Task: To create an ICC profile that is in sync with our Concentric screen proofs coming off our Epson 9800s via GMG.

    What's the best way to get this done? EyeOne? ProfileMaker? What am I going to need and who's got the best product(s)?

    In the end, all I really need is to have my screen match my proofs, and the proofs to match the printing.

    Thanks in advance for any and all input, I appreciate your sacrifice of brain cells that may perish as a result.


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    Re: ICC Profiles

    So, you have gmg system and want to make ICC profile that match your gmg system. You also have ProfileMaker am I right?


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      Re: ICC Profiles

      No, no software or hardware to create my own profile.


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        Re: ICC Profiles

        The answer depends on what do you have.

        I am a bit confused.

        1) What software and/or hardware do you have access to?
        2) what was the target chart used for color profile (MX4) in your gmg system ?


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          Re: ICC Profiles

          You say your task is to create an ICC profile that is "in sync" with proofs from an Epson through a GMG RIP. What Ryan is questioning is what profile (MX4) is your GMG RIP currently set up to match? I don't have a GMG RIP, so I'm not sure how interchangeable MX4 files and ICC profiles are, but that MX4 file IS the profile you want, just not in the right format.

          Ryan asked what was the target used to generate the MX4 file. That is the key to your problem. You want an ICC profile that corresponds to that target. You say you want proofs to match the printing, which implies that they don't currently match, which doesn't make sense because the color target used to build your MX4 file should BE the printing condition you want to match. So if your proofs don't match your printing, you are targeting the wrong printing condition.

          I'm not sure creating an ICC profile is really the solution to this problem. If the printer is currently set-up to match a known specification (like GRACoL Coated1 or ISOcoated), then profiles already exist for those printing conditions which can be freely downloaded from the web. Even if not adhering to a known spec, your printer is probably set up for some kind of repeatability, so must have some kind of "house standard" and may very well have a profile for that printing condition. Only if there is no profile that corresponds to the printing condition do you actually need to create one. You don't want a profile of your proofing set up, you want a profile of what the proofer is supposed to be matching.

          I apologize for not addressing your actual question, which is what is the best way to make a profile. If you really just need a single profile and don't want to invest in the hardware and software to make more profiles in the future, I would recommend Chromix Color Valet. Check it out at



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            Re: ICC Profiles

            Our proofs match the press just fine.

            "...but that MX4 file IS the profile you want, just not in the right format."

            Exactly! Those are the words I was looking for. What's the best / simplest way to translate the MX4 to ICC?


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              Re: ICC Profiles

              Yup, Chromix is who I would recommend too.
              Matt Beals
              The views expressed here are my own personal views and are not those of my employer.


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                Re: ICC Profiles


                If you are looking for ICC profiling software for your needs, just take a look at browse to the PerfX Color Management Pro™ software.
                The new version 5.0 allows to create ICC profiles with a new optimized black generation which allows to set very strong GCR without loosing shadow details and saturation like some other ICC profiler does. It also render better RGB "blue", using a proprietary hue shift compensation.
                The artificial intelligence engine used by PerfX allows to record the color tendency on printing press and is better suited for non linear color output printing.

                Hope this help!

                Louis Dery
                TGLC inc.


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                  Re: ICC Profiles

                  I am not sure which part you don't understand when I asked you if you have ProfileMaker and gmg system?

                  Yes or No?

                  If you have both you don't need Chromix or anyone else. You have the right tools and you don't even need any spectro.

                  I will let you know how to do it I want you to confirm that you have both ProfileMaker and gmg ProfileEditor which comes with any gmg system (ColorProof or FlexoProof). There is no way to directly "convert" MX4 into ICC in gmg.


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                    Re: ICC Profiles

                    I understand perfectly clear that you don't understand what I need here. I don't have Profilemaker and of course I have GMG Profile Editor and no, there is no way to simply convert the MX4 to ICC. Todd, thanks for recommending Chromix, and Matt, thanks for seconding that notion. I have spoken to them and they have been very helpful.

                    - Jeff


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                      Re: ICC Profiles

                      I was just trying to help you. I am sorry I missed your earlier post. I sent you PM


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                        Re: ICC Profiles

                        I have not actually done this but this is how I was instructed on how to go about making an ICC from GMG. I was instructed during our GMG set up that I would need to export my target as a text file from the MX4. Using an ICC creator like ProfileMaker use that text file to create the ICC from that target information.

                        Like I say I haven't done it yet so not sure the steps necessary in ProfileMaker



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                          Re: ICC Profiles

                          Can someone explain to me in "simple" language what the difference is between an MX4 and a ICC profile? What information does an MX4 contain and what does an ICC contain.

                          And going a bit further: what is the difference between MX3 / MX4 / MX5

                          I think I have a pretty good idea about what is what, but we had a technician over here from epson for our 9880's and he started talking about these things. Along the way I got lost in all the words. I'm trying to find it back.



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                            Re: ICC Profiles

                            MX is technology/file formats gmg is using. MX3 is printer linearization/calibration file, it can be used with color profiles either ICC absed, or MX4, MX5. You need one MX3 for each of printer, resoultion, printing mode and paper combination.

                            MX4 is color profile you are trying to match (kind of like ICC) but it is specific to contone images in gmg only. MX5 is the same as MX4 but it is used for screened images mostly but MX5 can also be used for contone and screened images as it contain all the info of MX4 plus additional info needed for screened images. Using MX5 you can get screened proof (gmg calls this dotproof) that has actual dots like Fuji FinalProof, Kodak Approval etc.) As a source you can use your own screened data from your rip or you can scrren them inside gmg. You cannot use MX5 unless you buy dotproof option for colorproof (base of gmg product line) or flexoproof.

                            To see different versions of gmg check gmg website, product info:

                            GMG commercialise des solutions d’épreuvage numérique et de Gestion de la Couleur. Le logiciel phare de la gamme est GMG ColorProof o4 , qui a remporté de nombreux concours à travers le monde.
                            GMG ColorProof o4 est le système le plus précis pour le pilotage des imprimantes jet d’encre. Il permet de faire de l’épreuvage numérique contractuel en simulation de presse.
                            Le système est composé de GMG ColorEngine, GMG ProfileEditor et GMG RIPServer ainsi que des pilotes pour les différents périphériques de sortie. L’élément principal est le moteur de transformation des couleurs en 4 dimensions qui assure une qualité contractuelle sur les épreuves. Pour calibrer le système, toutes les mesures sont effectuées en valeurs spectrales, à l’aide d’un spectrophotomètre. Des profils indépendants du périphérique sont crées à l’aide des valeurs cibles standards de la presse. Grâce à un outil d’étalonnage très performant, le concept d’épreuvage à distance devient possible.
                            GMG ColorProof o4 est compatible avec tous les systèmes de tons directs grâce à la possibilité de gérer jusqu’à 64 couches par fichier. Il est également possible d’utiliser GMG avec des profils ICC et de les combiner à des profils GMG.
                            Le système GMG ColorProof peut s’intégrer dans de nombreux flux de travail et supporte un grand nombre de formats de fichiers comme TIFF-IT, DCS, Postscript, et PDF (jusqu’à 1.4).

                            En plus de GMG ColorProof o4, GMG propose des solutions d’épreuvage et de gestion de la couleur spécifiques, comme GMG DotProof® , permettant de produire des épreuves contractuelles tramées en utilisant les données 1bit originales. En réponse aux besoins particuliers du monde du packaging, GMG FlexoProof o4 , supporte des formats plus spécifiques et inclus la librairie Pantone® complète. GMG InkOptimizer GMG InkOptimizer réduit automatiquement la quantité d’encre sur les fichiers avec une conservation chromatique maximale. Ce procédé permet de réduire les coûts d’impression par l’économie d’encre mais également par une plus grande stabilité d’impression. Enfin, GMG ProofControl o4 est l’outil idéal pour un contrôle colorimétrique précis des épreuves à partir de mesures spectrales.


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                              Re: ICC Profiles



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