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Archiving/compressing Large 1 BIT TIF files

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  • Archiving/compressing Large 1 BIT TIF files

    What is the/a recommended way to compress fully stepped gigabyte 1 bit tiff files to a more mangageable file size? I have seen files go from a full gigabyte to a fully functional 20 meg TIFF! Is this a proprietary thing? Using a regualar compression program all I was able to achieve was a 5% reduction. We are using a Navigator rip v 7 to prepare our TIFF files for CTP with 2400DPI and 133LS.

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    Re: Archiving/compressing Large 1 BIT TIF files

    The files that were the smallest were probably CCIT Group4 compression, at least that's how I used to receive in full press forms from a customer and the files were usually not much bigger than 20-40 megs.


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      Re: Archiving/compressing Large 1 BIT TIF files

      Compression ahead of time is the key .

      Due to the lack of interest/responses I'd say that my question should have been settled a long time ago by our installers or its too complex for most of the forum.

      Somehow , I ll put money on the installers incompetence as most of you seem to be having no trouble.

      Thanks for the compression hint...

      Its working well now.


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