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1 bit tiff from esko backstage

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  • 1 bit tiff from esko backstage

    I know there has been a lot of questions thrown around about this, but I am curious whether it is possible to rip a 1 bit tiff out of Esko Backstage and subsequently upload this file to .. lets say.. another printer or plate supplier?

    I know it creates a .len file on our server which is used for digital platemaking, but is this file a transferrable file / 1 bit tiff? Is it safe to say that this file (.len) can have the extension changed to .tif and utilized as suggested before.?

    I am aware of the uber simple approach to making ps files out of BS, but can a simple ticket be used for this purpose. I see a default ticket named "RIP to screened Tiff file" does this do the very thing I am asking. ?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.


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    Re: 1 bit tiff from esko backstage

    The RIP to Screened TIFF task will create 1-bit-tiff files ... if you've got it set up with the RIP. Tools>Configure>FlexRip - Screened Output>TIFF

    We use FlexRIP T4 to create all our 1-bit-tiffs.

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      Re: 1 bit tiff from esko backstage

      The 'flavor' of RIP you are using for the len file for use on a CDI is Flexrip-C.
      The T4 flavor will give you a, for lack of better word, generic one-bit tiff that you can send to another printer for their use. We do it every day.
      You will have to PAY Esko for this other 'flavor', just like B/BI for film from an Esko imagesetter or Flexrip-proof to drive large format printers and proofers.
      There are lots of things you can have Backstage do, it just costs more money.


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        Re: 1 bit tiff from esko backstage FTP. That one confuses me -- paying for something that 100 other programs can do for free?


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          Re: 1 bit tiff from esko backstage

          Even worse, the more 'stuff' you buy, the better it all works.

          We started out with a single Packedge about 8 or 9 years ago. It sat in the corner for a couple years until we got a Megasetter. But it didn't take off until we added Backstage a year later, and Deskpack after that.

          Have to give Esko some credit; when everything works, our productivity is astounding.


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            Re: 1 bit tiff from esko backstage

            If you see the Rip to Screened TIFF ticket then you do have the T4 "flavor" to create 1-bit TIFF. This ticket ( as with other output options ) only shows up if you do indeed have that specific option, and it's Dispatcher is running. You may want to contact Service Support for advice and assistance in configuring the output.


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              Re: 1 bit tiff from esko backstage

              Yeah, once we got Backstage in place, productivity increased greatly. Now we're thinking about going ahead with FlexProof...


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