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It's been a very long time since I have browsed / posted here.

Currently working with Esko (Suite 14) and we have a few customers who have never updated their art and we need to get them through to plating.

A previous employee here had contacted Esko support regarding DCS and Copydot files and working with them using Esko workflow.

While I was not around for the conversation (as I was not working here at the time) they did end up setting up a wrapper file ticket for us to use.
(basically takes the .EPS and wraps it a .pdf)

I can get this file through Esko by:

placing this generated .pdf (from the Wrapper ticket) into Indesign.
Dropping in our company marks and colour dots and job # information.
Saving as a Hi Res PDF out of Indesign.
Ripping that high res pdf through Esko using our regular rip/trap ticket created (it was here when I started and seems to work for everything but these files) (we also have a ticket that is an exact duplicate except it does not trap a file)
Automation Engine viewer can see this final .pdf but everything looks ... moire patterned ( in Prinergy this was common and the files ended up plating OK despite the virtual proofers viewing of them)
When this pdf is placed into Pandora (as it is the layout program we are using) it just errors and we get a grey box with a red X in it.

When we go to Esko for assistance, they mention Pandora is the culprit and Kodak mentions Esko is the culprit (perhaps bit of both..)

Any idea on how we would use DCS/Copy Dot files with Esko?

I asked my co-worker and they used Rampage prior to Esko (Rampage is....odd and there seems to be no info or available training on it anymore, and they wouldn't train me on it anyhow.. I never received training on Esko either. (theres no time, i am the only operator who works with files) (been running blind for the last year, but so far so good)
We currently can't use Rampage as were having issues with the server its hosted on (permission issues) and our tech whom we hire in on as need basis insists that its not a server or permissions issues with Rampage but because we upgraded the OSX and CC suite.. (he's incorrect but won't budge on the issue so far)

Our short term work around is to send the files to our sister plant and they create the tiffs needed but its not a viable long term solution for us.
I have suggested these customers get a refresh on their art since we cannot work with it in our currently supported workflow and the sales are hesitant to ask them to do so. (why stir the pot apparently)


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Eskos' FlexoPerfection can merge DCS files into a single PDF.
It also includes many other useful tools for working on 1bit tiff files.


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Make sure you have a Export to PDF task after the Create Wrapper task. This ensures the hi res files are embedded into the PDF and not just links of them.

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