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  • DeskPack

    Anyone using DeskPack? Feedback, comments, etc appreciated.


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    Re: DeskPack

    We're using it. The Ink Manager is very nice. We're mostly using it for the Backstage Launch Task feature. Any specific Deskpack plugins you're wondering about?


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      Re: DeskPack

      Greetings Bobby,

      I am particularly interested in the trapping module. What is the BackStage Launch Module? When I had Deskpack demo'd years ago, which impressed me then for people that only worked in Illustrator, Esko did not have Backstage.

      Do you do imposition? We are flexo printers and imposition touches every job we do.

      Since this is a server / workstation setup, how is throughput with multiple workstations - say 3 to 5?

      What do you use as an output device?

      Comments on all the plug ins would be appreciated.




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        Re: DeskPack

        We're got a Backstage server for the bulk of our work. We're running 5 workstations with Illustrator + Deskpack. Backstage Launch Task can serve as a means to launch that Illustrator file through Backstage, kind of like you would an Esko native file. We're running trapping via a Backstage task (which very well might be the same as pure Deskpack, I'm not sure) and stepping/imposition via a JDF-launched task through Backstage.

        So, we don't really have too many plugins in use here. I've seen the 3-Dx plugin demoed, and that looks pretty incredible as a tool for packaging designers.

        Our output device is a FlexRIP T4... only digital files are produced at our office.

        Hope some of that helps!


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          Re: DeskPack

          Information about all the DeskPack plugins -

          Some online demo's on some of the DeskPack plugins -

          "you never know how the past is going to turn out"


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            Re: DeskPack

            The trapping in DeskPack plugins for Ai uses the same trap engine as the full BackStage workflow. The trap engine resides on a server so that your local Mac/PC is not using processor time for these traps. You may configure your trap settings ( Tickets ) just as you would with a full BackStage. Hence all the operators in your environment with the DeskPack TrapX have access to the same trap options that you specify for your shop. The real beauty of the DeskPack TrapX plugin for Ai is that, just as in BackStage, the trap is "non-destructive". Meaning that the traps are brought back into the original Ai file in a separate Ai Layer as Ai linework, your original file data is not touched. You can view all your traps within Illustrator. If you utilize the ViewX DeskPack plugin for Ai you can see how your traps would look based of press conditions and tolerances before committing to output.

            Another neat feature is that when you run a Trap Ticket using TrapX for illustrator only active Ai layers are trapped. This way you can actually apply different trap parameters to selected parts of you Ai file. If at any time you are not pleased with the traps you may edit them quickly using the TrapX Color Pairs List, edit the linework in Ai, or delete the entire Trap Layer. TrapX can reduce the time to trap a file from hours to seconds. All within Adobe Illustrator. All on your Mac or PC based graphic stations.
            "you never know how the past is going to turn out"


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