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Printready Meta issues with HP5550

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  • Printready Meta issues with HP5550

    Anyone using HP5550 to run duplex booklet proofs and reduced imposition out of printready 3.5. It works great except for print driver issues locking up the meta print spool. It seems to be a problem with Colour Proof Pro.

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    Re: Printready Meta issues with HP5550

    Not quite sure 100% what your setup is, so hope you don't mind the extra questions? I do not know the Heidleberg system that well, but have installed a few doubleproofs and versojets onto them.
    I take it it you are using a designjet 5500 not a laserjet5500?
    Are you outputting direct to the HP or via a duplex managment software such as flipper for versojets or spinflow?
    how is the colourproof pro outputting? direct via TCP-IP or via a windows printer driver?

    I have seen big issues with colour engine manager (previously used instead of colourproof pro) but colour proof pro usually works pretty well.

    The only issues I have seen is having colourproofpro and a duplex software system on the same box and using TCP-IP connections, where adding extra IP addresses for the duplex software causes meta system to fall apart.

    If using TCP-IP out of colourproof pro I would recommend that you install a windows drivers (then connected them via TCP-IP) and force ColourProof Pro to output this way. As this can help diagnose the problem better, as any possible network issue can be rulled out, as colourproof pro should spool first locally and then clear colourproof pro.


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      Re: Printready Meta issues with HP5550

      Its a laserjet 5550dn.
      Printready produces imposed pdf either full impo or printers spreads based on the signa imposition in order to output a printers dummy mock up. Prinect Meta then spools the file and reduces to fit on A3 and prints single sided, turn or tumble depending on the output template used. the spooled file then uses colour proof pro as a print driver. I have also tested it by disabling the coluor proof pro drivers and prining as a concept proof directly through the windows driver. Same issue, it will proof one or two jobs and then start failing and no longer output until you restart the meta services.
      We only use this device for printers mock ups and reduced impos to check replaced pages have been correctly placed.
      Today i hooked the printer up directly using a usb connection and the problem persists so it does not appear to be a network connection issue.


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