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Dolev Film Spreader Question

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  • Dolev Film Spreader Question

    Good day.

    We've sold our Dolve 800 and I'm locking down everything for shipping. As I was looking for the
    laser lockdown spot, the film spreader dropped to the down position and i cant get it back,dang it,
    and now i cant get the carriage to move at all. I'm getting these errors in utl:
    Roller error
    No roller enc pulses
    Lost roller location
    And i can only get the thing to move between the two stops.

    Any ideas.?


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    Re: Dolev Film Spreader Question

    Sorry but what the a film spreader?

    I worked on a Dolev for many years and never heard that term.


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      Re: Dolev Film Spreader Question

      Hmm sorry I'm not a tech by any means and should be more specific.

      I've now found the op manual. It's the Film Roller Arm that's the culprit.

      I can only move the brass ring it's attached to about an inch. looking through the end position side of

      thedrum I can see that it has a stop arm kinda of thing that's hitting a stainless bearing on the optics

      assembly which is the home position.


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        Re: Dolev Film Spreader Question

        and its prolly powered down so you can't move the head with the software.

        Don't know if you can turn the lead screw by hand or not (never tried).

        Sorry I couldn't help good luck


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          Re: Dolev Film Spreader Question

          Move the roller first and then the carriage or the other user will have some problems. You can sell it to me also


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