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  • Asura System by OneVision

    Can anyone out there tell me if they utilize a system called Asura by OneVision for Prepress purposes and what they think of it?


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    Re: Asura System by OneVision

    Hi Lori,
    I am a Field Engineer for OneVision, Is there anything I can do to help you?
    -Tom Rondello


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      Re: Asura System by OneVision

      hi lori,

      we use asura as a 'bolt-on' to our workflow. But rather than using for everything, we tend to use it to fix/clean problem files. In other words, if a pdf has been put together by our clients correctly, then we just submit it to our workflow and bypass asura. however, for most problem files, that have been produced using freebee/crap software; files that just won't rip successfully, then we send them through Asura and 99% of the time it generates a clean file.

      In this respect we are big fans of asura, but don't use it for everything.


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        Re: Asura System by OneVision

        A few years back when I was a production artist for a local newspaper, we started using Asura. We ran EVERYTHING through it though as a S.O.P.. We also used MultiAd Creator as an ad design program, along with the standard Adobe products. We would create EPS's from there and drag and drop into Asura to create a new EPS. And we would get PDF's from outside clients, those would go in also. We never got into a PDF workflow at the time (they are still using EPS's I think), but it could work for that way also.

        They all loved it and swore by it as a production tool. It solved some RIP problems, but I don't know if that was due to other variables at the time since we had basically revamped all of our software and some of our hardware at the time. The only thing it was never 100% on (and I really can't see how it could have been) was that it never got all cases of rich black out of documents. It worked for some, but we would still get rich black text on some documents.


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          Re: Asura System by OneVision

          I used it at my last job (newspaper) and loved it. We ran all outside PDFs through it and eventually ran all pages through it. It works great... probably the best Preflighting app out there.

          I set up some simple automator scripts to move the PDFs into it.


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            Re: Asura System by OneVision

            We dont have the full version of ASURA, but we do have 3 Speedflow & 2 Speedflow Edits. We run Aprox 3000 PDF files a week & Archive 2600 of them. 3 years ago we spent countless hours fixing PDF & were doing 1/2 of what we do now----WE LOVE it. We have special Ques for various clients, for farming out jobs & the Creative side.


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              Re: Asura System by OneVision

              Hi Tom,
              Thanks for responding. We use Asura daily and wanted to just get outside feedback from Prepress users. We like it so far and your team of technical support people are just amazing and have been very helpful to date. We are looking to automate all work through our Asura system where it will output eps files and have a script push the files to a central repository. Could you tell me how many scripts an Asura queue can have in it? Thanks


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                Re: Asura System by OneVision

                Hi Lori
                You can set as many scripts as you like in the Output Line tab.
                As you choose the path of output and output type and style, The Post Processing field becomes available for each path you set.
                I hope this helps
                Tom Rondello


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