Online Print Solutions help needed


We have a couple of storefronts still on our old Online Print Solutions (OPS) system. OPS was purchased by EFI then discontinued several years ago; at that time they stopped offering any support.

I am working on recreating the stores on our current platform, and can't remember how to get to the Batch Export feature to export the current users. It is not under the menus or reports. I remember someone in support telling me years ago; to just make a change to the URL once your were logged in, but I can't remember exactly what it was and my email history doesn't go that far back.

I was wondering if anyone out there can remember.

Otherwise I will have to go through about 1,200 users one by one and create my own database to upload to the new platform.

Thank you.

I to have one store on OPS. I don't know anything about changing a url, but I have an export employees under reports. I can send you the SQL it uses if would help. It exports a csv file with the following info:

External IdCC NumberFirstnameLastnameEmailPhoneFaxMobileUsernamePasswordDefault DetailsActive
I did try that, but I need more fields: Company Name, Address, Address 2, City, State and Zip.

If you have the SQL to send me, maybe I can figure out how to modify it. Any help is greatly appreciated. :)


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