Quadient Announces Switch™, a Secure Online Service to Simplify Mail for Small Businesses


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Quadient—mail management solutions for business—announces Switch, a scalable, cloud-based platform designed to help small businesses adopt new strategies for their transactional & marketing communications, Switch is a flexible, secure, cost-effective service to optimize mail & package processing.

More than twenty thousand customers have already signed up for Switch—an online mailing service that allows users to upload documents from a computer or mobile device, verify addresses, choose printing & mailing options, and track the entire automated mail process, from a single platform.

No subscriptions or long-term agreements are required. Small businesses can send many letters at once to multiple recipients with Switch’s batch mail feature. Additionally, Switch offers API & Zapier integration to simplify and automate business mail at scale, and to connect to popular 3rd-party business applications. To learn more and see how Switch works, visit their website.
Mmmmm,,,,,,,,Looks like Quadient is going to be competing with their own customers (print & mail houses that use either equipment or software sold and supported by Quadient).

This will not bode well at the next tribal council..............
They have been doing this for a while, just taking it to the next level going directly to the public.
Maybe the time is right, maybe not.

Back in the 90's, we were doing a ton of Automobile Dealership mail. The list supplier back in those days was a company called "RL Polk". They got the bright idea to skip the print & mail houses and go directly to the dealership by allowing the dealership themselves to select their list, upload their mail piece and Polk would print & mail. It failed miserably. Turns out that management at the dealerships has more important things to do. They have a business to run. It was much easier to just pick up the phone, call your usual supplier, and have them handle everything.

Then, in the early 2000's we started doing print & mail for a check printing company (John Harland). They saw the writing on the wall that printing checks would soon be obsolete, so, they starting doing promotional mail for their bank customers. They, too, constructed an online site where banks could upload their art, select a list, and Harland would print & mail. Again, it produced dismal results. Again, bank management found it much easier to just call their usual ad agency and let them handle it.

Maybe the time is right (this time) for Quadient to jump over their print & mail customers and go directly to the end user small business. Then again, maybe not. But, I gotta say it's one helluva risk they're taking alienating their main revenue source. There are many competitive print & communications management software options out there, as well as mailing equipment providers. If I were still in the business, all things being equal, I would prefer to buy from a supplier that is not in competition with me.


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