Good2Go Announces Cloud Services for Enfocus Switch


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Good2Go Software—supplier of cloud-based graphic arts & printing workflow solutions—announces a Cloud-based App bundle for Enfocus Switch. Founded in 2020, Good2Go is a global supplier of cloud-based workflow solutions for graphic arts & printing.

The company’s mission is to provide an open workflow environment accessible by any size company. Their new bundle allows users to connect Switch workflows to Good2Go’s Cloud-based software, for a variety of automated services, such as:
  • On-line proofing,
  • Secure file delivery to remote customers,
  • Detect file status such as, “Approved” for print,
  • Download files to other Switch workflows for imposition, or other production functions.
  • The Apps also support variables for a variety of settings so a workflow can be partially, or completely, driven “lights out”.
Using Switch rule & event-based workflows, files can be routed to a specific Good2Go service with client emails, custom messages and deadlines for a given task. Once a file is received, Good2Go processes it according to Switch’s instructions. Another Good2Go App reports back any file events to Switch, such as: client approval, new file uploads, or when files have been tagged as needing correction. If desired, another Good2Go App downloads files, as needed, allowing files to stay in-the-cloud until needed for final print production.

Good2Go is currently available in North America, Australia and New Zealand; and is licensed through subscriptions, starting from $50 (USD) a month. Beta versions are expected to be available to select Switch users and Enfocus integrators in November at no charge, for a limited time. Anyone interested in learning more about the Switch Apps and / or to sign-up for a beta test should visit
Thanks for the post Paul!

Switch users who are interested in beta testing our Apps before we release should contact us from our web site. Beta should start in early November and it's super easy to get up and running with any of services.


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