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Two sided Imposition proofing

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  • Two sided Imposition proofing

    Hi all, first time poster, long time reader :-) We are in need of a two sided Imposition proofer. Is there any alternative to the Impoproof and DJet?
    Those are just flat out too expensive for our usage. Do they still make Spinjets? If so, can anyone point me to a dealer. I have looked at a few sites, but
    have not received any correspondence, it's the strangest thing... If they are now defunct, are there any alternatives to Spinjets? (besides the aforementioned Impoproof and Djet?)
    We are open to all suggestions? Thanks everyone! P.S. I should add we currently have a Epson 9880 but it is fading fast and it is a manual paper flipping process.
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    The Spinjet was based on a HP5000 which are now well and truly obsolete, we had to retire our 5000's when we could no longer buy consumables for them
    so unless they have re-designed and released a new Spinjet based on a later model plotter, then yes, they are defunct.

    We don't offer our customers double sided imposition proofs, if they want to see a double sided printed proof, we offer them proofs from our one of our Indigos


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      I'm also looking for another improof solution. It needs to handle 40" sheets, cover stock down to thin overlay sheets for dielines (we use Kodak plate slip sheets)
      We flip 70#offset manually for books with accuracy within .015".

      We started with one Epson 9600 we retired from contract proofing years ago and since then have been buying them on the cheap ebay, Craigslist, etc..
      We've gone through 6 machines, swopping parts as needed.

      So...rrd1997, (or anyone) what did you come up with for an imposition proof printer?

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