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  • Stalls on Finishing Current Ink

    about a year ago we upgraded the hardware on our Rampage RIP/Shooter combo (as well as made the transition to JVX)

    Ever since we put the new box in, under heavy loads (ripping large files, normalizing PDF's) while imaging to our CTP device, the shooter will stall when it's trying to complete a plate. Just will stay at the "Finishing Current Ink" stage. Requires a force quit and reboot of the box.

    All the cables/cards/servers have stayed the same from our old rip/shooter (which never had this problem)
    We have tried the basic things RAMpage suggested (check cable, change card positions) but still get the same results.
    We also recently upgraded our CTP device and the problem has followed to the new device.

    Anyone have anything similar happen? Next solution from Rampage is to swap the cards out, which isn't covered under any warranty. It could be the card, but the same card worked just fine in the old machine, so I am not convinced it's that. Before I did the card I wanted to check here.


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    Re: Stalls on Finishing Current Ink

    When I used to have a combo box I had similar problems. That was back in a version of 7 as well. Satellite/shooter fixed it. I think when the combo gets too loaded it can't handle it. For a while I wouldn't rip while I was plotting just to be sure that's what it was, sure enough never had the error if the box wasn't ripping.


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