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Batch printing, slip sheets and tabs

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  • Batch printing, slip sheets and tabs

    Hi folks,

    We do a lot of batch printing of folders of documents... Imagine a folder with subfolders of docs by category. We then print the lot in a given sequence.

    Docs are separated by either slip sheets or custom tab sheets.

    Currently looking for a more sophisticated automated workflow solution for this. Currently using a mixture of Print Conductor, Batch Print Pro Legal Edition and Fiery CWS/Jobmaster.

    We often have to break jobs up (e.g. send largest docs to another printer whilst the main stack of documents gets a holding page inserted for the missing document).

    Ideally such a solution would allow us to:

    - keep track of which docs went to which printer (summary report).
    - automate insertion of a 'holding page' within the main printed stack when large exception docs are sent to secondary machine,
    - automate population of slipsheets including document filename as text
    - automate population of tabs (either using filenames as base text for the tab or a custom list e.g. from Excel)
    - give a clear tabular overview of the batch of documents with the settings per document
    - give a clear tabular overview of the programmed tabs with easy means of editing them en masse e.g. apply new numbering scheme to them all, remove/replace/insert certain text

    Grateful if anyone has any feedback or suggestions.

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