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Mutoh Valujet + Backlit Material

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  • Mutoh Valujet + Backlit Material

    Hello all,

    Just curious if anybody here has a Mutoh Valujet. We have one and it does a fine job on almost all the materials we use except for our 7mil backlit material. We get streaky results and the biggest issue is the black. When using the black, even with rich black, once it's backlit it turns a mushy gray. We've increased the number of passes on the printer and it has the same results. Running an Onyx 7.5 RIP in front of the printer.
    Has anyone been successful with getting a near opaque black with a backlit material?

    In the end we printed the job on our HP5500 and it did a great job. Problem is we are getting rid of our HP printers so we hope to find a comparable solution via the Mutoh.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Mutoh Valujet + Backlit Material

    we have a valujet in the guise of a Oce.

    I have even printed onto clear for use on opaque acrylic backlit sgn and the black has been fine!

    Firstly what rip do you use?
    Do you have the right profile?

    A hint I was given some time ago that goes a little against the grain, Forget cmyk (I know you say you use a rich black)

    The best black I have found for printing has actually to been an RGB black then either export the file as usual or convert to a tiff not JPEG,

    Many people don't realise that solid ares of colour in JPEGS are corrupted in the compression, you don't really get this with TIFFs.

    the most important factor after your artwork is the rip and profile!

    Ww have Onyx Postershop which is excellent.
    Try using profiles that aren't necessarily for the material.

    The best profile for backlit tend to be the highest quality ones, I know the last time I did one it took at least three times as long as a normal print.

    Try a profile that gives dense ink coverage and prints bi-directionally at a high res, these tend to be the ones where the print head wipes its feet at both ends, so to speak!

    Hope this is of some use!



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      problems with black on 1604 valuejet

      Fiz, saw your post and I have the same problem with Magics SCF-7 clear film and my Eco Solvent Ultra inks on the Mutoh. It looks gray with light behind it. Magic Intellicoat claims this film produces high density blacks and can be used for film positives in the screen printing world..which is what I am trying to do at this time....I wonder if there was an older version of Mutoh black ink...maybe the regular solvent or eco solvent that had a larger grind and a denser appearance on film.......I am right there with you on this problem....contacting Intellicoat Monday to see just how they tested this on their Mutoh since they claim they ran this on a Mutoh Valuejet. BTW nice to meet you I am screen/digital printer here in Des Moines IA. Please feel free to mail me directly with any questions.

      On another note, I am trying to run .01 and .02 styrene on my valuejet.....getting closer but it is a bit washed out. Do you now anyone doing this?


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