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    Small Albuquerque Print Shop Downsizing / Selling Equipment

    We are a small local print shop that is changing directions and has a variety of gear to offer. I'll update this post as I get other items ready to offer. All are used in great working order, unless I mention otherwise. Most of the items are listed in Albuquerque Craigslist or on eBay as...
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    Formax 22S vs Triumph 4315 (Or Formax vs Triump Auto Paper Cutters in General)

    Your point is well-taken. Now I'm looking at used cutters as well, still in the tabletop size range and an entry level semi-automatic with digital backgauge display. I'm looking at a few Challenge Spartan 150SA listings on eBay. I just don't have room for a large machine right now - my shop...
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    Formax 22S vs Triumph 4315 (Or Formax vs Triump Auto Paper Cutters in General)

    A local dealer told me I'm better off with Triumph than Formax in general because Triumph is German and the Formax machines are made in China. This dealer has a good reputation, so maybe he's right? Regarding used vs new, I do both. In this case, if I'm going to have a cutter with me for...
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    Formax 22S vs Triumph 4315 (Or Formax vs Triump Auto Paper Cutters in General)

    Hi and thank you in advance for feedback. I'm looking at an entry level semi-automatic cutter for my home shop. Based on space constraints even more than budget, I'm looking at the Triumph 4315 and Formax 22S. The two have almost identical feature sets but I haven't been able to get any...
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    Any feedback regarding Fastbind Pureva Neo and Smart binders?

    Hi. I'm evaluating entry-level PUR binders and Fastbind's two offerings - the Neo and Smart are appealing in terms of price. There's also their XT PUR binder but it's not the latest and greatest. Not that this makes it bad by any means, but I want to get any and every edge possible in...
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    1.5 Mil (Per Flap) Laminating Pouches?

    That's very helpful info, thank you. The quality of my work is important, so it's a good reminder that problems won't be immediately noticeable. Perhaps it's time to find a good (and easy to use) 14" roll laminator.
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    1.5 Mil (Per Flap) Laminating Pouches?

    Hi. Thanks in advance for your input. I'm developing a new coffee table book product which is small enough where I can - in theory - use my pouch laminators to laminate the cover vs my roll laminator. I'm sure it's me but I truly dislike using the roll laminator. I guess more accurately it's...
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    Any vendors who create finished Fastbind Booxter hard cases?

    Thanks. I've reached out to them and hopefully will speak with a sales rep tomorrow. It's unclear whether they even know what Fastbind is, but I believe they provide book printing and binding services, so it's worth a conversation at least.
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    Any vendors who create finished Fastbind Booxter hard cases?

    Does anybody out there provide the elusive service of creating finished wrapped hard cases for use with Fastbind Booxter? I'm trying to lighten my load a bit with a new book I'm publishing. Specifically what I'm looking for is the printing of the cover artwork I would provide, laminating it...
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    WANTED: A Booxter Zero Max - Either New or Lightly Used

    Hi. I've recently purchased a Booxter Zero Max from Fastbind but they are backordered for some unappealing amount of time. If anybody here has one, and is willing to pack it and ship it, I'm interested. Thanks.
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    Does anybody have a Vpaper Tower?

    I've been using Vpaper for a few months now in an 8.5x11 inch size. I have a possible need for a larger size but Peleman doesn't offer any other sizes. On the other hand, I could take out my wallet and buy a Vpaper Tower, which is used to add the hinges to the paper. But I don't even know...
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    Large Format Inkjet Recommendation?

    Likely not more than 50-100 per week. Initially far fewer.
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    Large Format Inkjet Recommendation?

    Hello to all and thanks in advance. One of my new print products is a book, which I can happily print on my digital press. But I need to print a dust jacket. The dimensions of the book are such that I can't print the dust jacket on my digital press. The book is a large coffee table book and...
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    Glow in the Dark Substrates for Versant 180?

    Hello All. Is anybody familiar with glow in the dark substrates that the Versant 180 similar digital press can print on? The other detail is that ideally they won't have an adhesive backing. So far the one or two I've found have an adhesive backing, presumably for cutting and sticking to...
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    Inexpensive, Straightforward Means to Emboss/Stamp/Mark Faux Hard Book Covers?

    I wound up coming full circle and getting a basic import: Foil stamping is new to me. Few or none of the machines I've seen (besides the incredibly cool foil printers) are truly what I'd like. So I'll cut my teeth on this basic model. If I can...

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