Small Albuquerque Print Shop Downsizing / Selling Equipment


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We are a small local print shop that is changing directions and has a variety of gear to offer.

I'll update this post as I get other items ready to offer. All are used in great working order, unless I mention otherwise. Most of the items are listed in Albuquerque Craigslist or on eBay as well.

Here is the current list:

Fastbind BooXTer Duo (for staple binding) - $695
Fastbind Casematic H32 Pro - $2395
Powis Parker Fastback Hardcover Assembly Guide HCG2 - $250
Powis Parker Fastback Model 15x Tape Binding Machine - $650
Rapid 21698301 DUAX Heavy Duty Flat Clinch Stapler - with Staples - $120
Tamerica 27" Roll Laminator (TCC-2700i)
Powis Parker Fastback Model 11 Tape Binding Machine (DOES NOT WORK - PROBLEM WITH STRIP FEEDER) - $50
Formax FD 90 Rotary Perforating and Creasing Machine w/Additional Creasing Wheels - $995

Others items still being sorted through...

-Xerox Versant 180 Press, Bustled Fiery, Less than 50K impressions TOTAL
-Various bookbinding staplers
-Various Fastbind and Fastback supplies such as blank cases, book board and binding strips
-Various Unibind Steelbook hard cases for thermal binding
-Various shipping cartons
-Various newsprint and Kraft sheets


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I'd like to you have you email me with the exact details from both posts above as I'd like to share this with my co-worker. If you have any pictures that would be helpful as well for the larger priced items

My email is

Thank you

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What about Profitability?
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