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    XEROX CP1000 Server Exiting crashing

    Hi Possumgal actually the first time it happened about a year ago the Tech said it was power issues so we put the server on a better UPS and after a full cleaning of the server box and a fresh Fiery install and updates it functioned fine for months. Now its just happening even with files we have...
  2. Duncan Hyde

    XEROX CP1000 Server Exiting crashing

    Hi Forum, Anyone experiencing this issue with the Xerox 1000 press Fiery server? The Xerox technician would have to do a re-install of the server to get back up a running but it is happening now regularly and it takes so long even with a clone disc. Regards Duncan
  3. Duncan Hyde

    Xerox Toners, Supplies, Parts & Service Independent supplier wanted?

    HI Forum, I'm looking for a supplier other than my Authorised Xerox dealer for Toners and Service and Parts in Florida, Caribbean Region would be great? We currently use a 252, 700, 1000 and a DC110 B&W machines. Hoping for a response Thanks Duncan
  4. Duncan Hyde

    XEROX 1000 948K19410 Developer Housing Where to Buy?

    Hi Forum, I'm looking for pricing and where to buy a XEROX 1000 Developer Housing 948K19410 Regards Duncan
  5. Duncan Hyde

    New Prepress Proposal

    I like that one Marc, or maybe how to Vape all day!
  6. Duncan Hyde

    New Prepress Proposal

    Soon the Robots will be doing our jobs too Lol!
  7. Duncan Hyde

    New Riso ComColor 9360: How much quality improvement?

    Hi Logan i really hope not, so we could use our existing offset coated stock instead of purchasing inkjet coated card stock.
  8. Duncan Hyde

    New Riso ComColor 9360: How much quality improvement?

    Hi Logan we have a comcolor 9150, but it cant print on coated stock... does the 9360?? Regards Duncan
  9. Duncan Hyde

    Can Preps 7 intergrate with Trueflow 7.0

    Hi Forum, I just was wondering if anyone else uses preps with trueflow and how do they integrate it?? Regards
  10. Duncan Hyde

    The High Quote

    Interesting point!
  11. Duncan Hyde

    Intec LP215 Toner supplies

    Hi Forum, I'm just inquiring if anyone has found cheaper toners and Drums for the Intec label system or even non genuine or refills in the USA?? Regards Duncan
  12. Duncan Hyde

    EQUIOS vs Xmf

    Hi Kantblue, I'm jealous now, lol, my upgrade mission of workflow has now evolved into too dealers wanting to sell me A new CTP and workflow as one package, So I have now have my SCREEN dealer offering me Equios or (Xmf for a little more cash) and a 4600S CTP for a great price, and my previous...
  13. Duncan Hyde

    OKI procolor or Intec LPS215 digital entry level label systems??

    Hi Forum, I gotta make a decision I got a lot of info from two dealers, I missed Graph Expo this year to see them both in action but the packages seem similar and I think they use same OKI print engine. Labels on a roll will be a new product to compliment our offset and digital printing...
  14. Duncan Hyde

    XEROX D125 B&W Toner Cartridge poor Yield and Chip Issue

    Thanks for the Feedback - I'll take it up with Xerox again
  15. Duncan Hyde

    XEROX D125 B&W Toner Cartridge poor Yield and Chip Issue

    Hi arossetti, Wow! and what about the chip saying the toners out and there's still a lot left when you shake it or open it and pour it out to see?

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