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    Visual indicator for pressman

    This is a good idea... Maybe for the "clear" inks or coatings you could create a striped texture, which would be a little more obvious that there is ink in that square.
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    Add Tonal Control data to plate

    Anyone know a way to add the Tonal Control/Curve Adjustments to each plate? I'd like to add it as a variable mark, but can't seem to find a way. See my attached image.
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    Loose Page Output to PDF

    I attached an example of what I'm talking about. I need the chart at the top to be the full width of the 11x8.5. Instead, it is reducing along with the artwork.
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    Loose Page Output to PDF

    How do I use Loose Page Output to PDF (Vector output) and keep either a Sheet Mark and/or Page Mark at 100%, when I want the art to reduce to fit an 8.5x11? Everything works great, except the Sheet Mark and/or Page Mark reduces along with the art. I need the mark to stay at 100%. It's a header...
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    Best 11x17 Color Laser Printer

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I'm still looking into it. So many options. Keep the suggestions coming though. Thanks a bunch!
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    Best 11x17 Color Laser Printer

    Not sure if this is the right forum or not. If not, please point me in the right direction and I'll repost there. I am looking for these capabilities... 11x17 (doesn't HAVE to bleed) Color Laser (decent quality, no inkjet) Network compatible Postscript 3 (no emulation) 12pt matte stock 12pt C1S...
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    Polyester plates printed on Laser printers

    Do you have any recommendations as to where to get the best deals on the OEM toner? I have a reman. toner that came with the HP5100, but it may be causing a bit of a breakup on a certain area of the sheet, so I'd like to rule that out before sending the machine back. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Polyester plates printed on Laser printers

    Larry, I would love a copy of your tip sheet please. My email is sassymac at comcast dot net Thanks, Sherry
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    InSite Upload Problem

    Are you on a Mac? If so, what version of OS X? Snow Leopard is a known issue. To fix Snow Leopard, Command-I on Safari and click on the Open in 32-bit mode, then restart Safari and try again.
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    Drop Shadows and Spot Colours oh my.

    Did you ever get the answer you needed? From my experience, the issue is the shadow interacting with the spot color. It is a RIP limitation. The shadow is a "transparent" object, and the RIP can't handle transparency in conjunction with a spot color. We have an iGen3 and an Indigo 5500, and...
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    pantone text on layers problem

    Did you ever get it figured out? If so, what was your solution if you don't mind sharing. What we do is assign the items to multiply in the effects palette. There also some color settings in the Ink Manager in the flyout menu on the swatch palette. I've never tried them, but might be worth...
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    Prinergy & Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard

    I'm not sure if this would do the trick, but have you tried re-ordering the versions of Java in the Java Preferences? It's under Applications/Utilities/Java It allows you to drag the different versions of Java to show your preference between the versions. Good Luck! Sherry

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