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    Pricing Question

    I was thinking the same thing, We pay the same per click and the click charge includes our service agreement. Main reason we stay with Canon and our local Canon rep. Our color is a little less than .04 per click.
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    Pricing Question

    Curious where everyone is getting the NCR paper. My cost is almost double of what's being quoted on this chat. I purchase excel one carbonless. works well our the digital press.
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    #!@*&% $#*! PAPER

    What's everyones guess on how much longer before inventory levels start improving....
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    Color bulk mailer Printer Advice

    The BN20. small footprint and is slow. Does a great job for what we need. We did not go with metallic or white ink.
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    Color bulk mailer Printer Advice

    We use a Xante Impressia been using for over 5 years. from day one we discovered it was only good for envelopes. We use a Canon c60 and Canon c700 for our color prints. For window clings and stickers we use a Roland printer/cutter. Also have a wide format canon printer for other needs.
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    Any Updates - Canon Digital Cut Sheet Presses

    NE IA, the Ricoh 7200 series at the time interested in the extra toner station. Decided to stay with our canon c700 and c60. We are not looking right now. I just asked one of the reps the question about lease/service.
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    Any Updates - Canon Digital Cut Sheet Presses

    Has anyone been presented pricing on new lease/service agreements. Are service agreements/click charges getting out of hand. In past could use as negotiating points. Had one salesman for Ricoh stop and all he would say is going up...
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    Any Updates - Canon Digital Cut Sheet Presses

    My shop is also thinking of shopping new machines but haven't seen enough benefits of leasing a new machine. Both our main machines are owned and the per click service agreement is beyond fair. In my area (NE IA) the Canon support is really good. Same day 95% of time and "fingers crossed"...
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    Any Updates - Canon Digital Cut Sheet Presses

    Thanks for the response, a Few years ago we had salespeople representing most companies visiting our store showing sample of all the different features and abilities of the upcoming products. last 2-3 years no salespeople or updated info. Maybe Ricoh pushing 5th toner station I haven't heard...
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    Any Updates - Canon Digital Cut Sheet Presses

    Any Canon experts on this discussion board. Wondering if there are any Canon sheetfed press Updates coming in the near future. currently using a C700 and C60. doesn't seem like canon is putting much energy into this area of digital press recently. Thanks for any info if available.
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    Paper Shortage

    Our headache is digital ready window envelopes, all sizes. currently use a Xante Impressia. Almost to the point I will need to pickup an inkjet envelope printer to keep current customers and pickup new. Hate turning people away just because I can't find a product.
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    Envelopes Window Digital Peel & Seal

    Does anyone know of a good place to purchase envelopes. Our distributer has pretty much dried up and when we reach out to manufacturers of envelopes they are not taking any new out of market customers. If you can point us in direction or are a wholesaler we could use your help or advise. We...
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    Intec Professional Envelope Solution CS5600

    Currently using a Xante Impressia for envelopes but looking at replacing with the CS5600. Just starting to nickel and dime as it gets older. We have never really been happy with the Xante. Does anyone have any experience with the Intec product. Cost to run compared to Xante. The ability to...
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    Digital MagneCote Alternative

    13x19 if we can find but mostly 12x18. 13 and 17 pt depending on application.

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