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    Action List to check for any CMY set to overprint (and possibly fix)?

    I attached an action file, remember use Show Results ALWAYS then you will be see this
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    Making plates remotely?

    Actually I work remotely and like chriscozi, I just need access to the correct workstation.
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    Still Fighting Some Actions

    I created this action, you could use and see step by step how works. cheers
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    XMF output colors

    Hi community I don't know if this problem has a solution ...... I am currently using XMF and Navigator and I have a problem with XMF when tiff files are in Server, doesn't show colors, but using Navigator I don't have this problem. ​ I hope you can help me.
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    PitStop Pro compatibility with Acrobat DC

    I have problems with Adobe Acrobat XI 11.0.2 & PitStop 13, I can't change tabs in PitStop. Some solution?
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    How unembed all images in Illustrator

    Thanks you everybody for your replys, I will test Deskpack Prepress Essentials.
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    How unembed all images in Illustrator

    I test WR-deEmbed but I can't unembed images. What plugins is this? Best regards
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    How unembed all images in Illustrator

    Hi world, I have a problem. I have a file, and this file has all images embed, and I need unembed all, but is so hard unembed one by one. I wonder if there is a plugin or a script for this work. Thanks for you reply.
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    Strange Photoshop/Illustrator behavior

    Flatten psd file is always better. This is right, sometimes I have AI files with eps files placed can't see file, is for this reason I open EPS file using Photoshop and save a PSD file and before place new link.
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    Package Designer User Guide

    I need know, how use this soft, is for this reason Im looking that uiser guide
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    Package Designer User Guide

    185 Views and nobody reply? :(
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    Package Designer User Guide

    Hello world, somebody have userguide Prinect Package Designer? I dont if heildelberg maked this user guide, is for this, I need your help. Best regads.
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    ElecRoc 5 - Anyone using it?

    Im using this workflow and is good, I am tested new options, although is a simple workflow, I think could it better it.
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    Split pages in half de-imposing

    thanks you Andrew, Quirk Runs works excellent.

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