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    Envelope Suppliers

    We are a California envelope print/mail company looking to relocate to another state. The location is open but would need to be within 100 miles of an envelope stock house or manufacture with good pricing. So our plan is to look to find Envelope Stock Houses around the country to help make a...
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    Envelope Printing

    I currently have a Mach 5 and am considering a Mach 6 for running #10s in landscape mode. Are you printing them in landscape and if so, how well does the Mach 6 feed them?
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    Impressia #10 envelope registration

    It is funny to see digital presses starting to act like old offset duplicator presses. I remember our Multi 1250's with paper clips and rubber bands to help with feeding and other issues.
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    Mach 5 HJ950c Service Menu

    This is correct. The Mach 5 will be higher on one side than the other. It will not be level. I have many of these machines in use and all of them are at a tilt. This is the way the techs set them up from the beginning.
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    The Printshop Motto

    add after invoice: Wait 30 days Call customer for payment Repeat
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    Mach 5 Margin Problem

    The random ink smudges are happening from the envelope hitting the ink head. I remember when we got our first Mach 5 it did this a lot and they added some guide to help keep the envelopes flat through the printing area. Also envelopes that are warped will do this too. We have found that heating...
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    Air Purifier

    We just moved from a warehouse building to a shop with drop ceilings and have noticed more of a smell from the press room clean up solvents. Was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for an air purifier that would help to eliminate the smell.
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    Inkjet Envelope Printers vs Oki Envelope Printers

    I have been using a Memjet (Rena Mach 5) printer for almost two years now. I would have to question the cost of 1 cent for a full coverage 6-3/4 envelope, probably closer to 5-6 cents ea. Anyway the quality issues do not go away. White steaks, black marks and some of the other issues stated...
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    Mach 5 vs Xante

    I have a Mach 5 and I can tell you it has potential. It is easy to use and feeds pretty good. Color matching is near impossible and it does have it's issues with the heads clogging causing constant cleaning throughout the print run. Our machine has been down quite a bit too. So it is not the...
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    Need suggestions on a starter 4 color offset press

    I would suggest a Ryobi 3404 DI. It is a digital offset press that images the plates on the press. You won't need any other prepress equipment such as an imagesetter, plate burner, etc. Since you do not have press experience it will be helpful that there will be no stripping and plate making. I...
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    starting small print shop. need advice

    Hi buckeyewta, Your mind is probably set on purchasing the equipment but take into consideration that the items you listed can be purchased from an online printer such as 4 over for a lot less than you can produce it. Most of us who own shops with equipment most likely have considered brokering...
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    Xante Illumina DEP - window envelopes issue

    I believe you need to use Glassine window envelopes. I don't think anyone stocks them in a security tint though.
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    Mach 5 envelope printer

    Same Issues with Mach 5 Same Issues with Mach 5 We have had the same type of issues. Marking, Clogged heads, etc. We have had the unit for about three months and I have had at least a service call per week sometimes more. Two already this week and it's only Tuesday. The most frustrating part...

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