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    Do you think this problem is: set-off or blocking?

    I'd expect that the 75 degrees celcius in the test process would be more than hot enough to re-wet the coating and cause blocking.
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    Press Won't Stay on Impression

    I've seen this happen if pneumatic pressure supply drops too low but only on later presses and always accompanied by an alarm. Do you have a big air leak on the 2nd unit impression or low supply? It's also the same behaviour as pressing the "halt" button so perhaps a fault with the one on the...
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    problems with delivery and top of pile offset

    Can't speak for the XL but on a CD I used to have to make sure a row of fans were pushed back to help blow the sheet down onto the brakes, also we had an issue where the spray powder extraction hood was actually sucking lighter sheets upwards so we had to either turn off powder extraction or...
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    Hard Drive Recovery Software?

    I've used Testdisk a few times and had great results recovering files from dodgy disks. It's free but not the most user friendly. Good luck! TestDisk - CGSecurity
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    Alcohol Substitute: requesting feedback on AllStar by allied

    I used Allstar fount a few years ago on Heidelberg CD102 presses in the UK. We intended to go reduced alcohol but bit the bullet and ran alcohol free. The only major problem we had at the time was when the ambient temperature in the pressroom was particularly high we would struggle to keep small...
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    pagemaker font missing problem

    I used the online font convertor at Online font converter to produce both .pfb and .afm from the truetype file. Then used "afm to pfm" from AfmToPfm for Adobe PostScript fonts to produce the pfm file to install font to windows.
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    vignette problem image 2

    What is the printing process?
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    pagemaker font missing problem

    Oooops! Try this.
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    pagemaker font missing problem

    Hi Kala, I thought about this again to try to something other than a workaround. I converted the truetype font to postscript type 1 and installed that. Deleted the truetype and installed the ps font and it seems to work ok now when creating pdfs directly from Pagemaker. I've attached the ps...
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    pagemaker font missing problem

    I installed Pagemaker 7 on Windows 7 x64 to try this. When I printed to a pdf (I use pdf creator) the font had jumped. So I tried printing to the Microsoft XPS document writer which seemed to come out ok. Then, from the Windows 7 xps viewer I printed to pdf and it came out ok, the font hadn't...
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    SEK errors I believe are related to the safety control board. Try opening and closing ALL press guards and push and release ALL the nip bars on the press. See if that helps rectify the problem.
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    I work at a UK company that applies cold foil inline with UV litho. The result is very effective.
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    Are you based in the UK? What type of packaging are you producing?
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    Ink suitable for LWC stock

    Haven't found one so far but I'll keep an eye out for you.
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    Ink suitable for LWC stock

    I've read that "Impression" is quite a low-tack ink which may suit LWC. May help eliminate fit problems caused by tack stretching the lighter weight sheet.

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